Plastic free you

Join the resistance and take the pledge to ditch plastic!  

Join #PlasticFreeDeal in ditching 3 items of single use plastic.

We’d love to hear your pledges. Head to our facebook page and tell us what single use plastic items you’ll be ditching. You can also share tips, ideas and advice and see what others are doing.

Take a look at all the plastic items you buy for use at home. You might want to take a plastics audit or keep a plastics diary for a week to identify the items you can ditch.

So what can it be? Bags? Straws? Cutlery? Cups? Bottles? Food cartons? Sandwich boxes? Bin liners? Cotton buds? Toothbrushes? The list is endless…

A few ideas to get you started…

Shopping and eating out:

  • Remember your refillable water bottle wherever you go.
  • Take a reusable coffee/tea cup and refuse single-use take away cups.
  • Refuse single-use packaging.
  • Resist a straw; straws suck! If you need one, invest in your own reusable straw.
  • Refuse a single-use plastic bag and take your own. Keep a few in the car boot!
  • Take your own cutlery or use sustainable alternatives.
  • Refuse single-use condiment sachets.

In the kitchen:

  • Switch to loose tea and coffee.
  • Ditch the cling film! Invest in a pack of beeswax wrap (or put a plate on top of the dish!)
  • Buy loose vegetables. Invest in your own veggie bags.
  • Replace your plastic scouring pad with e.g. a copper scrubber.
  • Swap your plastic washing-up brush for one made of wood and natural fibres.
  • Switch to refillable washing up liquid, laundry liquid and general cleaner (Peppers provides an Ecover refill service).
  • Swap your plastic bottle of handwash for a bar of soap.

In the bathroom:

  • Try a bamboo toothbrush.
  • Buy a wooden hairbrush.
  • Swap the plastic bottle of hand wash back to a bar of soap.
  • Try a shampoo bar.

And a few more:

  • Swap your doggie poop bag for a biodegradable version.
  • Pick up a handful of plastic pollution every time your visit the beach – and put it in the bin!

Our friends over at Surfers Against Sewage have produced this handy PFC-Individual-Action-Plan which gives lots of tips on what you can do.

Further inspiration needed? Take a look at,  and

Remember to let us know how you get on!

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